Freelance IT-Security consultant since 2006.

Pierre Pronchery is a Computer Science post-graduate (BSc, Oxford Brookes) and engineer (INSIA).

With a broad culture of Operating System internals, software design and network architecture, he already assisted a number of customers in different situations and environments, in either research, development or assessment activities.

Detailed skills

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Implement a security process during the design, development, validation and maintenance phases of software and hardware products.

Security auditing

Weaknesses and defects can be identified, assessed, demonstrated, or better avoided in a number of situations.

Comprehensive reports are delivered either in English, French or German as required.

Software and network audits

  • source code audits (C/C++, PHP, Java, Python...)
  • blackbox assessment
  • network penetration-testing

Reverse engineering

  • closed-source network protocols and applications
  • system software for embedded devices (firmware analysis...)
  • debugging facilities on hardware platforms (JTAG, serial consoles...)

Product development

The software developed is provided with complete source code.

Software engineering

  • system, client/server and commodity software
  • portable applications and user interfaces (C/Gtk+, SDL/OpenGL...)
  • tutorials, workshops, seminars...

Project guidance

  • quality assurance
  • security lifecycle
  • community development

List of customers


Online activity of Pierre Pronchery, either through Defora Networks or previous experience may have caught your attention already.


  • software developer (C/Gtk+, hackable:1)
  • embedded development workshops
  • open hardware evangelist (conferences)

VZnet Netzwerke Ltd.

  • security auditor

n.runs AG

  • senior security consultant

List of partners


Defora Networks is working closely with the following companies and individuals.

Radically Open Security is a Non-Profit Computer Security Consultancy based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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Remain constantly in touch with the reality of software development, new technologies and the evolution of the state of the art.

This can only be achieved through the study of existing designs, and implementation of innovative solutions.


netbsd logo

NetBSD is a portable and robust Operating System.

Consulting services

  • driver backports
  • source code audits
  • embedded development


DeforaOS logo

DeforaOS is an experimental and innovative Operating System.

Desktop environment

  • full-featured graphical interface
  • portable software suite

Suitable for embedded systems

  • kernel-agnostic low-level libraries
  • finger-friendly user interface
  • smartphone environment

Research and prototyping

  • distributed applicative framework
  • static source code analysis
  • GSM security...

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The following resources are available for download.


Resume (english)